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DeFi Seminar

By Graduate Students, For Graduate Students


The UCSB-ECON DeFi Seminar is a graduate-student-led seminar series sponsored by Uniswap, which takes place virtually (over Zoom) every Friday at 9:30 am PT.


We host researchers from around the world who share their research in decentralized finance and cryptoeconomics. Their research addresses the economic, societal, and/or technical questions that are raised in web3, where the internet is not only a network for exchanging information but also a network for exchanging value.

The DeFi Seminar is hosted in conjunction with the Department of Economics at UC Santa Barbara.

If you are interested in attending a future seminar, add to your calendar here

If you are interested in presenting at a future seminar, sign up here.

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Next Seminar:
Ulf Lewrick (Bank for International Settlements)

International Bitcoin Flows

S6E1 Apr 19 .png
Seminar Information:

April 19th, Friday starts at 9:30 am PT

Seminar Zoom Link:

Recent Recordings:

Jason Milionis (Columbia University)
The Effect of Trading Fees on Arbitrage Profits in Automated Market Makers

Fahad Saleh (Wake Forest University)
An Economic Model of a Decentralized Exchange with Concentrated Liquidity

Brett Falk (University of Pennsylvania)
Balancing Power in Decentralized Governance:
Quadratic Voting under Imperfect Information

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