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DeFi Seminar

By Graduate Students, For Graduate Students


The UCSB-ECON DeFi Seminar is a graduate-student-led seminar series sponsored by Uniswap, which takes place virtually (over Zoom) every Friday at 9:30 am PT.


We host researchers from around the world who share their research in decentralized finance and cryptoeconomics. Their research addresses the economic, societal, and/or technical questions that are raised in web3, where the internet is not only a network for exchanging information but also a network for exchanging value.

The DeFi Seminar is hosted in conjunction with the Department of Economics at UC Santa Barbara.

If you are interested in attending a future seminar, sign up here.

If you are interested in presenting at a future seminar, sign up here.

To stay in touch, join our Discord here.

Next Seminar:

Michele Fabi (Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST))
Blockchain Design with Trassmission Delays

S4E1 Sep 29.png
Seminar Information:

Sep 29th, Friday starts at 9:30am

Seminar Zoom Link:

Recent Recording:

Maarten Van Oordt (University of Amsterdam)
The Crypto Multiplier

Lin William Cong (Cornell University)
The Dark Side of Web3 and DeFi and An Investigation into Financial Inclusion and Democratization in the Ethereum Ecosystem

Alfred Lehar (University of Calgary)
Systemic Fragility in Decentralized Marketsanges

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